A mobile app for building 3D interactive worlds. This is a work in progress.


  • Sculpt indoor/outdoor 3D environments. It uses a voxel sculpting interface inspired by the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker, which is easy to use and very efficient for building complex spaces.
  • Paint surfaces with a selection of over 100 built-in materials/overlays, or import your own from your photos library.
  • Use the Bevel tool to create complex shapes including rounded edges and stair steps.
  • Use “substances” to build dynamic worlds with moving objects, water, triggers, and physics.
  • Simplified component system similar to Unity, and an extensive logic system for wiring up complex game logic. You can even build very simple “AI.”
  • Customize the sky, lighting, and fog.
  • Import your own sound effects / music.
  • Experience your creations from a first person perspective. Make a game or just an interesting environment to explore.
  • Interactive tutorials and demos guide you through the interface and more advanced features of the app.
  • World files can be sent to/from other apps.


Using the app

The app opens to a list of “worlds” that you have created. Tap “New” to create a new world. Tap a world to open it in the Editor. Tap the menu button next to a world to access additional options, including sharing the worlds as .nspace files. You can open these files in N-Space from another app, like an email attachment or downloaded file.

N-Space has built-in documentation and tutorials, which you can access through the overflow () menu, by tapping Help.

Building the app yourself

The app has been tested with Unity 2020.3.X on Android and iOS. There is little platform-specific code (only for importing/exporting files). Most of the user interface requires touch input and will not work with a mouse, so you will need to use the Unity Remote App, or build for Android directly.

The repository does not come with textures from Poliigon, FreePBR, 3dtextures, and Genetica. You can purchase/download them yourself - look in the folders inside Assets/GameAssets for a list of .meta files which correspond to the missing textures. It is also possible to test N-Space without the textures at all. Materials will lack texture, but you can paint the walls with colors instead.

The app has four scenes:

  • Menu/menuScene: The file selection menu
  • VoxelEditor/editScene: The Editor interface. If you open this scene directly without first choosing a file, it will look for a file called mapsave.
  • Game/playScene: The gameplay interface. Again, without choosing a file it will look for mapsave.
  • Menu/fileReceiveScene: This scene will launch if you try to open a world file from another app using N-Space. This only works on Android.

Build Environment Setup

These notes are mostly for me, but you can read them too.

  • iOS: install Xcode
  • Install latest release of Unity 2020, with build tools for Android/iOS.
  • Clone repo. Don’t open in Unity yet!!
  • Optional: Download/copy textures from Poliigon, FreePBR, 3dtextures, and Genetica (see above)
  • Open project in Unity, and switch platform to Android/iOS
  • Open Project Settings > Editor and switch Unity Remote device to Android
  • Android: open Player settings and browse for the keystore location.
  • iOS: download certificate from Apple and install, get private key and install

More info

MIT License

See credits.txt for sources of assets and libraries.

Contact me:

For questions / feedback / bug reports please email me