Arguru Aodix

Aodix was a music sequencer program for Windows developed by Arguru Software. It had a unique interface combining features of trackers and sequencers, as well as a modular wiring system for VSTs.

The developer of Aodix, Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius (“Arguru”), passed away in 2007. The final version v4.2.0.1 was released as freeware, however the source code was not published at the time.

I received permission from Zafer Kantar, who worked with Arguru on Aodix, to publish the code on GitHub. That code is available in the archive repository. This is my fork of the source code release, which I’m using to make additional fixes and improvements based on my previous work with the executable patch.

For the first release, I have fixed a number of plugin compatibility issues and other bugs, including some crashes caused by loading projects with certain plugins. Download Aodix Enhanced


Aodix Enhanced can be built using Visual Studio 2017.

This repository does not include the ASIO SDK (version 2.3) or the VST SDK (version 2.3, no longer available), since they are proprietary.